Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rian Mini birthday

Dinner making for Rian's mini birthday.

Just a few photos... :P

mini-fridge packed up the day before.

preparations to make Tang yuen. :D

its not that bad... really... =w=

Modified Jamie's Cranberry Spinach Salad .
Now its called Evil coin's Blueberry Cherry Spinach Salad with modified sauce!
Apparently its good... I didnt get to eat much of it... hmm...

Our birthday presents from Chia Nee again! -__________-;
But she was sick and unable to come for dinner... =(

Jejeng! Rian got a cool shooter maker! pretty cool! :D
I got a Pocket Garden~! Poppy tree! :D 
it says there: "...Poppies are thought by the greeks to represent fertility and good fortune..."
Good fortune.. yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!! :D 
BUT i dont need fertility yet... =_________________=
However its winter now, not much sunlight. Im keeping it till spring. <3 
Let it bloom with its friend all over da worlddddddddddd :D

I can use its seeds to make salad btw! teehehee :D

So, dinner and lotsa nonsense to talk. :P

Dinner Menu

1.Yorkshire Pudding with Red Onion Gravy
2. Evil coin's Blueberry Cherry Spinach Salad

 1. Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast
2. Rosemary Chicken (by Billy & Em cee)

1. Tang Yuen
2. Tiramisu Cake (by Sainsbury)

Okay, Im satisfied that I can cook something edible. lol at least 3 course meal is out. :P

Happy Birthday ! :)

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