Friday, 28 December 2012


Ever since the trip to Perth with Chia Nee, I have been thinking of getting myself a world map on the wall.

I have never travel out of my home country Malaysia until the past September 2012, which for the first time I've come to Glasgow for study.

For all my life, I was always taught to study hard to get good jobs in future hence able to earn well and relax in the future.
I was told I should never "have fun" before "suffering".
To earn before you spend.

It does make sense to me theoretically but I find it hard to convince myself completely ever since I was 14, the time when I finally found what I love to do.
It started off with questions like , how do you define good job? Why choose "good jobs" that earn well but sacrifice what you love to do? Why doing what you love to do always mean sacrificing your future in this society? Maybe things I love to do just happened to be a "bad job" ? or it just happened that the society is sick, blinding themselves unable to see what they are doing to themselves?
Many of the people I know do not know what they are doing, what they love , especially people who are academically smarter ...

I don't mean to insult anyone. But things happened to be proportional.
I see my old self in them. I did not know what I love so I did whatever society said best. I studied hard. I studied everyday. I always score well. But I hardly remember anything significance from that time.
After that I struggled between rationality and personal impulse..
The latter took over logic and I academically fall but they were my happiest moments ever in my life which I treasure.

Sorry, it may sound a little off topic from how I started this post. However, what I was trying to say was the idea of not travelling out of the country was actually bounded by these ideology of "bitter before sweetness" as well..
Of course, my family is not capable for frequent travelling as My parents worked all their life to support 3 of us siblings for good education. We were able to attend private universities and furthering study overseas, all thanks to them. It may sound common nowadays regarding parents sending kids overseas and stuff... but I still think its different for us because our parents are not professionals nor businessman. My dad provide labour service and my mum works for people. How can you compare?! As a conclusion, They literally sacrificed everything for us.

This is basically how my parents worked things out for the family. So, apparently they believed that we should understand their ideology of life. But Im not sure how true is that. I see people of our kind travel around the world from time to time, always having their way to relax themselves.Why are we living so miserably???  So Im thinking there must be something wrong about what we are doing... Why would I say its a great idea to suppress all our curiosity and passion when we are young? Why bring all these to future when you will no longer be able to handle them as good as you were young? For example, you can't expect me to go Disneyland when Im 40?! At least for me I think after 40, things that you can do for relax is basically just getting some spa treatment, sitting by the beach or bbq-ing in jungle... lol

Money can never be enough.. I will work  for money to get a living, to get a car, to get married,  to get a home , to get kids , to get my kid to universities, to pay my medical fees... its never ending...

What if I were like some of the other kids who often travels with family, having a great time, but I will need to work my ass off to get into local universities?
Would it be a better life as an overall? Better for my parents? better for me?


Actually Im really off topic!
=_________________= LOL!

I intended to talk about places I wanted to travel if I could.... hahaha!
I used to thought I would be resting in peace as long as I get to one country, Japan one day.
But my thinking changed recently, after travelling with Chia Nee to Perth and started an addiction to Pinterest.
I realized how meaningful to travel to places trying different things you didnt know.
You just have to be there to see it, to smell it, to touch it, to hear it, to taste it... for the sake of being there.
Especially with people you know, sharing memories with them ...
Thinking it would be great if I could share all these experiences with my parents.. if only we weren't such a brat that need our parent to spoon feed us that much..
If that so, maybe I wouldnt have to worry so much of not being able to repay them in time before its too late ...

Life could have been more meaningfully spent, that's what I thought.

* Early stage Point of interest
1. Iceland (nature & animals)
2. Norway (nature & animals)
3. Russia (People, Culture and Nature)
4 Germany (Architecture - Peter Zumthor)
5. Switzerland (Architecture -Peter Zumthor)
6. China (People, Culture, Architecture)
7. Greece (Nature, Architecture)
8. Spain (Architecture)
9. Morocco (Nature, Architecture, Culture)
10. Egypt (Architecture, Culture)
11. Madagascar (Animals)
12. Bolivia (Nature)
13. Peru (Nature)
14. Myanmar (Culture)
15. Japan (Architecture, People, Culture)
16。Africa (Animals, Culture)

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