Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Dinner

 Its winter and Christmas is almost around the corner.

I was walking pass St. George's Square last night heading towards vivi's place.
The Christmas fair was crowded with people and for the first time I am feeling Christmas.

Spotted a beautiful merry-go-round on site. Loving the paintings on its ceiling. :)

I was there for an advanced Christmas Dinner.

yep, Christmas Turkey! Scottish-style!
Citrus glazing with whiskey  and cranberry dips accompanied with broccoli, salad, amazing Yorkshire Pudding and red wine.

Pook specially ordered the 4kg turkey in advance. So its fresh! :D
and massive even for 6 of us.

So thankful to Pook for all the cooking and she even cut the turkey and served it to us.

I planned to bring some devil eggs which supposed to look like this...

and it turned out like..


epic fail.

for such a simple dish.

I still feel so stupid right now...

orz *slap forehead* 

i have lots of excuse behind it. but i decided to keep it and bear with critism.

so, i did not

and of course, we did not forget some cheeky stuff to do.


Imma santa.

While having fun chatting and having dinner, we played the riddles which came with the mask set.

Ready for desert after killing our stomach with the main course.

vivi getting ready to serve the signature desert.

Earl Grey Sorbet with Pear, Earl Grey and Cinnamon Strudel

Prossecco and Cheese brought by Mod.

and cookies!
Loving the star. Its so cute that I cant eat it! 

Punim is loving the cookies as well. :D

It was later when four of them exchanging Christmas Present.

I came empty-handed as I did not know there will be a gift-exchange.. orz

Im kinda messed up yesterday.. aint I? =___=


They draw logs to decide whose present to get.

Both got the same 
Its a really cute apron though! Thinking of getting one for :D

This girl showing off her sexy apron she got last year.haha

but i did get a present from vivi for my birthday afterall..

a cap that I have always been looking for <3

arigatougozaimasu!!! x)

I guess Im owing alot of present recently..

and I'm so broke currently after all the shopping.

We ended our dinner with the deal game.

Dont be blinded by their sweet smiles.
they are evil.
We were killing each other in the game.

It was a funny sleepover after

Ill end this post with two photos.

First one will be...
Latest shot of Ruffy from Rian's family in Malaysia. <3
Puffy Ruffy just return from washing.

and the lovely street scene in Merchant City that night.


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