Saturday, 4 February 2012

Buzy week

i am back in Penang!woohoo!!
I have been really buzy for the past week.

First i had attended to "bai tian gong" ceremony at Cherng yu's place in Kepong on 30th, which is the monday night.
It was so grand!and surprisingly fun! because i won RM11 in gamble again that day!LOL

On Tuesday, 31st,
We celebrated Miao's birthday!! yeayy!!
The place is somewhere around Cheras(?)
I cant remmeber, lol BUT the food was SO DAMN GOOD MAN
Must try! ill post up soon about the detail of the place.teehee

To be honest,  I was really really excited and happy when at work just by thinking that im gonna see them after work! x) Havnt been seeing them for quite some time!
However I am kinda disspointed too yan ting wasnt there.sigh

The birthday song was repeated like thrice or more?lol
well she's happy.:D

Make a wish.
*wishing interview xun xun li li tommorrow~!>__<*lol

Happy ending with multiple credits to si jat for all the awesome photos!

I took bad photoss.
Make me wanna get a DSLR too!! to proove that i am not that

Follow on the next day was Feb 1st, Wednesday.
It was a holiday! No work for Kuala Lumpur! :D
Few of us were such awesome friend that we came all the way to Damansara to accompany Miao to her job
early in the morning.
We waited for her downstairs at the dim sum restaurant..hahaha thats the main intention..xD
yum yum :d

wish came true!
conrags! :)

After  few session of talk with friends..i realize everyone is doing really really goood, i am really happy for them but abit dissapointed of myself. T____T
Although i was one of the few that started off to work really soon, but I have just found out that my pay is actually really low and lack of benefits... It demotivated me and made me feel like quitting my job in a way... but i still hang on it for a very odd reason - my new house. lol
I really like this comfortable.. the housemate is friendly, its properly equipped, its clean, it feels like a home..T~~T 
and my mum sd, I am not going to work there for long, its a matter of take it or leave it. so. i think i take it lo...=3= this company better let me learn moreeeee, make me super architect!lol xD

another thing was that i found out my friends have all stopped getting allowance from their family.
some of them even plan to giv their parent RM300 to RM500 from their pay monthly.I felt so guilty.
and today, i talked to my dad to cut down my allowance to rm300/month. I wanted to cut all off. but realizing its abit difficult because of certain constraints..
First, they live with family. i live outside myself, have to pay rents..
Second, i got much lower pay..
i wish i could have higher pay i can be like them, send home some money..i wish..
i am so useless. x(

anyway, for anyone who never see how our office looks like..
ta da.

the pantry looks best anyway, but i got no picture..maybe next time:D

On Thursay, 2nd!
Serene Open House at Kota Kemuning!
We came late bu luckily there are still some nice pork stir left!
yum yum ! and fat fat! xD
fight for da porrrkkkk

carol act cute

kabuki style jack sparrow!

yee sang!

we gambled that day, but i lost.=(
first bad day!

On Friday, Open House at Rian's place in Klang!
if you realized, ive been travelling around alot for the whole week..
Setapak --> Kepong --> setapak --> Cheras --> Klang --> Damansara --> Klang --> Setapak --> Kota kemuning --> Setapak --> Klang 

mind me, its all not less than 30 minutes drive to any of those places..D=

the night of hsien's dog virgin breakthrough with

that night i lost momney again..
y my beginner luck so fast end???? T~~~~T
i cant remember how i ended my night that day. i remember i was sleeping on the floor with ruffy.
but rian said i was on the i got onto the bed..?0_o

and today, im back in Penang!weee
it was a really hard task to get my tix back in penang, all bus tix are occupied..TT

so the report of my bz week is done here.

woof woof.

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