Friday, 20 January 2012

2011 Final Report


I am here today as a fresh graduate from Taylor University Architecture school.
It was a tough 3 years because it aint human life.
but we survived. :D

In fact, I have no idea which group of friends i belong to after three years. I hang around everywhere because I just enjoy all kinds of companions.It may be hard sometimes for me. But i was glad i get to know everyone in the class. Some people are genius which made me envy. Some people are hardworking which made me guilty. Some people are lazy which made me mad. But geniuses are friendly and fun too which made me had great times. The hardworking people are motivating and helpful which made me strive for more. and the lazy people  are people who aint actually lazy which made me understood life because they know it better of what they want and knows their priorities. I dont think i did my best in terms of "friend" / social life for the three years, in fact i did it badly, but I really appreciate the fact we have met. I am sorry if I ever misunderstood or mistreated anyone. Thank you for all my classmates for these 3 years! and good luck to all of you no matter what you have decided to do in your life. We all have our own road to go on and i know all of us can succeed because we did it more than once throughout the course. :)


back onto my own blog post,
i cant actually remember when was my last day of class.=P I think ill just wait for the graduation day as the official date to remember,i hope.xD

Many things has been going on and i shall briefly "scribble" down to my this little lonely blog..:D

After the end of semester, we had parties.
We had final gathering at Dena's house.
It suppose to be a warm decent little party which it ended up a water ballon war in the end! we called it the "not to wet" party . lol :D

everyone waiting for the last few survivors.

*reload fire power*

one survivor surrendered. :D

all wet group photo~


after few days,
me, yc and rian followed abu and his friends to pulau payar.
It was my first time snorkeling and it was really funnnn <3<3
I was in awed that i screamed in the water when i saw a pack of little fish swim pass me back and forth right in front of me in a swarm! its like national geographic!!xD it was a thrill!!!

however, I really do think fish are scary..TT
big fish..and medium fish too..
I was so excited aboutt the little fish when suddenly came another pack of fish, but "medium -sized ", swimming towards me...
I kinda panicked..I ran away..=w=
I have no idea but i try to keep myself away from the fish, any fish which is anything bigger than 12cm. blerghhh...

they dived down into the water under the ship... thats really dangerous actually...=w=;;

all gone wild.

snorkle snorkle..

To be honest, i dont really know the people.
so, i actually had a quite awkward experience..although i did had good time snorkeling, seeing the fishy..:D
hopefully i can do snorkelling again somewhere with some closer friends!:)

The snorkelling was a one day two nights trip. The friends went back but me, yc, rian , abu and azie stayed in penang.
we did alot of eating basically.haha and the most epic one was the last night in penang which we had our dinner at Tsunami Village. AWESOME SEAFOOD!! AWESOME BBQ CRAB!! BY THE BEACH! :D
We ordered twice..haha and we shall come back here again next time.for the crab.x)

we came back,
me, leeyee and yanting went to times square for shopping..
and I continue my party at night at rootz with the others, including chui nee, timothy, hsien, pinx, vincent, yee cheng, abu, serene and sherene.

I had fun with my new toy, neko-mimi!!
:D $30 gone..actually i think it worths it..but everyone said its not...
they dont understand~~~~~>____< *hearts*

No one was perfectly fine at the

we went to mcD after that.
and serene showed off he A0 sized presentation board by the street... oh yeah, such ego! ;) *with the help of her two underlings, yc and tim*

n camwhores!

in fact, the next day was my job interview...teehee
and i kinda screwed up.xD but i got the job

I am now an assistant architect in zlgdesign.
this is my boss..
mr. Huat Lim. :D

and this is my office..
D7, Sentul East.

isnt this awesomeeeee!!!xDDDD
its part of a major project by YTL.
but our office is only one of very few tenant now.
hopefully more tenant come in and it would be then perfect!:D


 I started work on 9th January 2012.

and fyi, i am currently under two projects which is an in-house project, zlgstuff and a major project team, onyx tower and grass hotel.

zlgstuff is in D7 as well. it will be a coffee store, also selling some fresh buns and vintage rare items.. and its all about a good jazz music. :)

onyx tower and grass hotel

i got this image from internet..cause i dont think i can simply reveal the company's work..teehee..
it will be located along jalan P. Ramlee near klcc.

Talking about work,how do i feel?
yeah..everyone are really really friendly at work..
but i can only say, 
I should learn to be careful and be your own leader. Trust yourself and think for everything you do. Dont do things blindly.
Thats' basically my advice. No hint.;)


 I took 3 days unpaid leave and tada, spontaneously, IM BACK IN PENANG ON THURSDAY!! WOOHOO
SO happy!! :D i love penang.

today i ate durian and crabs. :D MA FAVOURITES. >w<


I will be going back to Tsunami Village for the BBQ Crab again.:D This time with my family as well as another cousin family.=)

Really looking forward to it.<3

I have done alot of reporting. so.lights out.


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