Friday, 20 January 2012

World Wrap Word 活动始めた!!

つちゃん お帰り!!
My old love -tsuchan is finally back again!
New band formation is called World Wrap Word, finally starts its activity on 13th January 2012!
Hopefully, things go well. D= dont leave, tsu-chan!!

  • Vocalist : 
  •  -ayumu- (ex. LASTLIP , Guest Vocalist of the Riotts.)
  • Guitarist : 
  • つかさ -Tsukasa-(ex. Evil of Miser → Ro§se → Luφri → Luberie (as 霞) → Rayarch (as kasumi) → ウサギ (as 霞) → bis (as つかさ) → RHYOLITE → Support Guitarist of YUINA)
  • Guitarist : 
  • Yuina(ex. ゲルニカ → Luecie → Dolly (as ゆいな) → Solo Project YUINA)
  • Bassist : 
  • 孝宜 -Takanori- (ex. Support member of Icy. → ALLOW COUNTER → N.I.M.-Nine Innocent Material- → Support Bassist of YUINA)
  • Drummer : 
  • 優太 -Yuuta-(ex. Support Drummer of SINアヤビエ (ローディ / roadie) → メガマソ →Slod → Support Drummer of YUINA

*waiting for their songs*:D 

this is random. but i wonder if anyone still remember bou from an cafe...
he totally disappeared..i wonder what was the "new dream" that he was chasing people has been talking about..-w-; it was so long ago..
i had just found out today as well an cafe has went on a hiatus for almost a year..i have no idea if the band still exists..-w-;

i remember i used to like kanon alot as well. =)


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