Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ore-sama humble 23rd Christmas Birthday

This is my first birthday in Glasgow. Yep, Imma santa baby. 
Thanks to Dr. Loh. 
In fact, it doesn't really matter.
Because my family does not celebrate Christmas.
So, no, Unfortunately I don't get two presents.
Even if I get a Christmas present from someone, it will be a 2-in-1 present.
Tried to be ignorant about my birthday this year. 
Since I do not know many people around. and I hate trouble.

I called up the usual mates for dinner on Christmas. A chill out session.
But they had class party to attend.
Was abit disappointed but things turned out the party was cancelled and the dinner is on again.
I suspected they found out later it was my birthday and felt bad hence cancelled their party..
I think I will feel bad if I ask so I didnt. -w-; 

Anyway, I didnt really took any photo... So, ill be putting up only a few...
90% of the photos are by Chia Nee.lol

Around 4.30p.m. Chia Nee came by my apartment to help out with the food preparation. 

This is Rian checking out our Turkey in the oven with a torchlight..-w-

Messy Kitchen.. on the right of counter you see me and Chia Nee's gravy preparation... :D

Because our room is too small, so we held it in the common room. :) 

You can see we have 3 special guests.. Chia Nee, Manjeet and his girlfriend... (Sorry, I forgot her name :P)

Everyone brought some food.Turned out we have two turkeys! xD
 I've been eating turkey for four days........................

Em Cee getting her own turkey.

Manjeet and girlfriend talking about Bombay :D

Meng Jin, Rian and Belhaven

someone did this.

The forum of nonsense.


 and random.

Okay, here goes my super cincai blog post. lol

Merry Christmas!
and Thank you ...

Chia Nee for the awesomely useful books for my studio design....T~~~~~T

Manjeet's Girlfriend's handmade craft (?) I put it up on my notice board. :D

and of course, 
Meng Jin's signature homemade Chocolate cake! No photo! :D
awesomely delicious! Next time I want green tea flavourrr!!!! =______________=

k. nitez

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