Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Today is boxing day.

At first I thought it was a guy thing like this.

BISHHHHHHHHH--------------! \(@ O @)/ UWOOOOOO!!!!!

But its actually like this..

*Note: Image not by me.

So, basically its like a women's war.


First thing I went to Vivienne Westwood, supposingly to help chiaki to get her watch.
There was a queue. =_____________________=
why my awesome vivienne westwood so awesome powesomeee?! xD

But I was quite ashamed that I came out empty handed after waiting for my turn for quite some time.. 
*Mentally collapsed on floor* ORZ.. T~~T
Her watch was not on sale. and I cant afford anything else. although I see a few clothes that I really like...


Then I went Hollister trying to look for the sweater I wanted to buy previously.

Queued up again.-w-  but... it was not on sale... again.. T___T
and the whites are all sold out. T________T
Spotted a few others.. but all not on sale as well...
 I didnt see the hot guy I met the other day!!! :< 

What kinda luck am I in today?!!!! @_____________@

After all, at least ive got these..

ZARA & Top Shop

Yep, Im currently DOUBLE BROKE. ;d

GOOD JOB, ONG SHEE LING you little 败家女! yeah! 

*Ted Baker got some really good bags. <3

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