Sunday, 16 December 2012

How i start my first winter break

palapalapa~  (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 〜( ̄△ ̄〜) 

My winter break finally starts! 

but Ill be home alone starting today for one week! orz
Friends left for Iceland trip that I was not meant to go... T___________________T

To make it as a celebration or a depression killer, went out with vivi! Had an awesomely great Sunday. 

ohohoho! ヽ(^◇^*)/

The Sunday starts off with a proper breakfast at 11am (maybe brunch..==) at Cafe Gandolfi along Albion Street.

Found out about this place on the net, recommended as one of the best place for breakfast in Glasgow. 
And they do deserve the honor! :D I could say this was one of the best breakfast Ive ever had in my life.

credit: David Shuttleton

When we arrived, the place was almost full. We were guided by the waitress to our seats at the corner of the deepest end of the restaurant- not the best seat but fair enough to enjoy own company.

Menu's here.

I ordered Egg Florentine with Spinach. I CAME FOR THIS! <3
 while vivi ordered Egg Benedict with ham.
Called for a glass of orange juice...

Healthy breakfast. :D so proud of myself. xD

I would say, it was fantastic. <3
It was very filling although there ain't any "meat" meat. It feels just right. :)

Left the cafe with great satisfaction, readied for a full day shopping spreeeeeeeee.

Went into a few stores but none caught our eyes except Miss Selfridge.
Weeeeeeeeee----! We inhabited Miss Selfridge's fitting room for hours like a parasite. 
A parasite that keep changing its skin. :D

Just a memory shot of what we've been trying on.. and why we look so lumpy in the photo?! T_______T
and shit you my shitty chubby ankle! ive got no kneeessss ! (。>0<。)

tryied front camera instead...we still look round... =__________=

overview of my victorious collection today <3

Dissapointed that i couldnt bring this back home. (/ヘ ̄、)*sobs*
why are you so expensiveeee????

Really like this sweater from Hollister. I couldnt afford this too. (´_`。)
and dear Mr. Hot which i not know our name in Hollister you may smile and greet me with your charming smile again when I return.

Shopped until all shops shuts at 6p.m. 
Gone for a Greek Dinner at Elia Greek Restaurant in George Square.

Bread + Olive
If you hate Olive, imagine you are Greek, you will feel culture-fied. ;)

Starter 1: Spinach Pie

Starter 2: Vegetarian Dolmathes
Im still not sure if we should eat the leaves.. We ate all..
and I *ahem..* twice already in 1 hour...

Main Course: Kleftiko
Very Tender and juicy! <3

Desert: ??? 
You taste love.
warmth + sweetness overwhelms.

Our date ended after hours of chilling in the restaurant, served by friendly waiters.
It was a good experience.

you might have noticed my hair color changed.
Its apple Green and tried highlighted abit of lavender on the right.
But lavender didnt turn out much while the green shocked me.
But Im satisfied.:D

stupid internet!

OH, AND NOT TO FORGET the little gift from the sweet vivi,

a cupcake! <3

Taste so naish! x))))
I actually find it taste so much better than the famous tea cup lounge.. *mouth crossed*

Thank you! <3

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