Sunday, 25 November 2012

Perth, Scotland Winter One day Trip Part 1

25th November 2012 (Sunday)

Chia nee & I decided to go on a one-day trip to Perth, Scotland on this day in reward to our Studio Interim Submission.
It was not the best of the best but was a good trip. Apparently, Autumn is the best visiting month for Perth and we picked the worst Winter when most of the places are closed or the sceneries are
We planned to travel in a circular route:
Perth --> Crieff --> Aberfoylde --> Birnam --> Stanley --> Perth.

We met up 8.30a.m. in the morning, took the 9.40a.m. train and reached Perth at around 10stg. We were to take the bus coming in 30 mins to Crieff, according to plan. In the mean time we decided to visit the South Inch Park nearby. It was just.. a.park... with a big lake which two swans and many ducks swimming around.. 

Winter Park with bald trees

I supposed, this is what they meant by beauty of details in the nothingness.

Surprisingly, the swan here understood Mandarin. This swan actually responded to me when I enraged about him keep face fronting me when im trying to take a photo of him. And here, he generously showing me his angled face.:D Good boi. But No food for you..-w-l|l

Must show off my professional shot. :D No edit. AHA! :D

Its really inspiring when seeing all these little ducks swimming / playing in the 'bushes'.. Those 'bushes' appears like an ugly plants growing out the water but they are an awesome playland for the ducks...its like a maze. :)

The birds were there too. Often lining up.. I wonder why..

However I think best thing in South Inch Park was actually the walking this one.
So fluffy that we almost died. until the moment he fell to the ground and rolled around..We died for a minute. <3<3 Too bad I didnt capture that epic moment... T_________T I died, remember. I couldnt.-w-

and these two strangers who met each others while strolling in the park...

and they fell in love with other...

and they separated after less than 5 minutes...
yet looking back at each other other while leaving...

*heat melts*


and yes, as much time i spent  talking about a park.. it was as much time we spent in a park..
until we realized we were almost late for the bus and we start rushing back and we.

missed the bus.

a few steps late...


So we changed plan. Removing Crieff and Aberfoylde which involves nature walking (it will be too late by then) we reversed the tour.

Perth --> Stanley--> Birnam --> Perth

Before the Stanley bus arrived, we went to the Medieval Fair in Perth.
It wasnt as big/happening as in Glasgow though.

Here,Found Chia Nee's famous
The floating ring..

Here we met two funny

and here, i fell in love with hot chocolate with whipped cream. <3

then we head back to bus station..

Chia Nee says,we wont be late again...-w- )v

Arrived in Stanley-
a peaceful and quiet town.

with cute little houses.You cant see from the photo though..-w-
But all the houses are only 1 or 2 storeys.all with mini garden.. 

the abondoned (or not) house which were visually raped by us to the core.
creepers all over the facade. <3

on the way walking to Stanley Mills, we met the lebbit doggggg >w< secretly took a shot when owner ish not looking :3

big river beyond....

The Stanley Mills.

Unfortunately it was not opened that day coz its winter.
Information were not on net as it seems to be a secret gem of
But it worth the visit despite of the bad news.
Awesome sceneries. 

and my camera died.


i think i killed my battery...
time to get a new one. 


Will continue with Part II when I obtain the rest of photos from Chia

fuk you battelli! =___=

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