Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How meaningful is your life?

Officially worked in zlgdesign for 3 months.
Its time for a proper review.

Some people may say I am lucky to get alot of design projects, skipping a lot of boring technical drawings.
However, sometimes I feel I'm at loss.
Until now, I do not really know most of the architectural terms or even the sequence of work/system in architectural projects because I have only been involved in small in-house projects with minimal exposure to real critical projects.
However, compared to many of my other friends, I would say I am glad that my employer is a very open-minded person and gives lots of opportunity to his employees.
Our office is like a big family. Thats the best thing about it.

During our meet up session at Brussels & mamak today with YC, alex, matthias and rian, I was thinking I might be able to learn more things if I havnt been working in a firm. Nonetheless, I have already decided to further my study in UK this coming September, provided that I'm accepted into the uni.lol Hence, I will be quitting my job around early to mid of June. Planning to continue my Japanese class with intensive courses within the three months while doing preparation to fly overseas.

Time and money is limited. But I wish I could spend it with more meaningful and satisfying activities, with no regrets.
It can be a dream of my own, or give out a helping hand to someone in need or even giving our precious time to our friends and family, building memories.
This is one thing Ive learnt in the 3 months working life. There is no reason for us to work if your work is always obstructing you from getting your ideals, because time is always flowing and ideals flow with time. You will only end up working like a mindless machine, moving closer to the end in the garbage bin while you deplete through every second...

There were a few things that was brought up in the meet up session today.
Things like.. Matthias wanted to form a volunteery measured drawing group to do a project on a 160 old architecture in bukit tinggi to be sent to badan warisan / UNESCO to gain heritage accreditation to the structure.
Alex wanted to work on a individual design research and to take on a pavilion design offered to him previously.
and I at that moment, the idea to create a Penang Town Planning Proposal is again so strong.
If they were really serious about it, I really hope I could participate in any of the projects.

Well, obviously theres alot of things on a hang right now. 
I shall work on this. :)

random report.

good nite.

ugh. by the way, my shoulder got worse..alot worse.. The muscle is so tight that it finally formed a knot near my neck this morning. Damned..
My mom gonna kill me..

but i decided to not go for theraphy anymore...<=(
it wont cure anyway... such a waste of money...
i guess, I cant run....afterall..sigh..

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  1. well, one step at a time, eventually you will get there. ;) good luck! =D