Sunday, 5 February 2012

beige x green

hey guys.

because the color didnt came out right..
so, i went salon today! haha

My sis, ruder is my personal hairstylist
At first we planned to "wash" the hair color so the caramel color i dyed yesterday would come out
but somehow the pigment in my hair is too strong, so the cream does not work at all.
In the end, we "semi-bleached" my hair and dyed a new color.
BEIGE brown + 10% of green.
love it <3 xD

after bleached.. ewww...
i reli hate how it looks...><

me + new hair color + my dad's new
it looks abit golden in the photo...hmm 
but it aint reaally that gold lo..

i wouldnt dare to bleach my hair seriously.. i will definitely die.
in fact, i can feel my hair slightly rough already now..
INTENSE HAIR MASK TREATMENT is necessary before the aftermath comes in!! >____<

and also, i did some trimming to my eyebrow too.:D

so, woof.

ruder faded purple hair + dad's sunglass

mum + dad's sunglass

cool me. oh yeah, my hair is flyyyingg~


woof woof

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