Sunday, 22 January 2012


hope you guys got alot of ang pau's~
i wish i will too! xD
but GOD knows, i havnt even got more than 10 ang pau last year..
and this year is worse..

well, this year's reunion for my family is only me, my mum , my dad , my sisters and I.
Sitting together to eat some homemade food.
Its been a long time. I have no idea since when we dont eat together anymore on the table.
We started doing our own things, come for lunch or dinner at the table whenever suits us.
Sometimes we sit in front of the tv instead of the dining table.hmm

However, I really miss those times when every chinese new year eve , the reunion which held in my grandparents house. My grandma will prepare whole lots of food for us..steamboats...
back then, i was very picky in food, most of the time i only eat the bird eggs..they are so cute!!:D
but high cholestrol.xD

but it was a great time. I really enjoy gatherings, always loved the family warmth or even friends.:)
but now...sigh...
I wished things will go back to be the same again.
I wished nothing had ever happened before.
I wished they understood how ridiculous all these things that happened and all bring out an effort to amend these..
It feels like a tragedy to me..

after the dinner, we went for a movie at first avenue!

opinion? i rate it 5/10 for storyline.
6.5/10 for graphics?

I think it was okay.
I was expecting for better plotting.
Someting that culd catch people's heart.
The story is plain in a way..
The graphics are quite detailed..
Not bad actually.
Just that the 3D effect is quite lacking.
The mmost 3D thing in the movie is actually the subtittles.-- agreed by my whole
Some scenes could be too gory for some people.
my critiques seems really its not really that bad actually.
It is see-able still.;)

What bothers me the most is actually the actress..
Doesnt she look like Micheal Jackson to you? :D
(a more proportioned facial structure MJ..)



on the other hand, my elder sis who just came back from aussie bought me JLO Fragrance and a Swarovski Necklace!:D
Thank you~~<3

something is wrong with the card reader..Cant post up the actual thing...but this is da one!
It smells like baby powder! Not bad actually.

Im currently looking for something hat smells like WOOD though! :D

Da necklace!
i got the left wing. the right one is my younger sis's.:)


Talked to Darren today regarding aussie unis and architecture career..
Guessed i got lots to thing about.
And sacrifices is always a necessary thing to make..><

I think im gonna continue my Japanese course. Finish it up.

Good night.

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