Monday, 23 January 2012

CNY 2012 day 1


Fear not, we are actually normal.
the one next to me (left) is my sis.:D 
purple hair~~yes. >w<

Today first day of CNY, everyone is buzy ne?
Me and my family instead of visitings, we went 1st Avenue for another movie-VIRAL FACTOR!!

Highly recommended! :D
Didnt know Nicholas Tse is so Professional in acting!:D
start to fell in love with him now.haha

I bet he got several times of cramps throughout the recording
You'll get what I mean when you watch the
Watch! Watch!
Malaysia is the main setting in this movie too!
Somehow, Malaysia setting is very Thailand too to me.-w-
I  think its a very good start for Malaysia.
This movie maybe the factor where more movie industry coming into Malaysia for shooting ---> boost Malaysian movie industry!:D Should be..right?=w=

We went to REDBOX after that. My dad hardly sing...zzz
and ruder's singing obviously improved alot!*jealous*
Damn...why am i the only one that cant sing...TT in spite of all the karaoke sessions i have..

Anyway, Redbox has changed the system to touch screen to pick songs.
thats all i have to say.deng.


so, the end.
Blast this blog with lots of photos!
If you cannot bare lameness, you may leave already, for now.teehee

guess what, that is a swimming goggle.:D
but aint i cool...?:D

some individual photo next...

i dont look cool like few years ago anymore..=(

buh bye.

after this break line, content maybe harmful to some people.


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