Saturday, 21 January 2012

2012 Resolutions!

im updating my blog too much in a short

this, must be done! D: !!!

By 2013, i must...
1. Get back flat tummy!
2. Get back 43kg!
First step: SWIM EVERYDAY.


3. Get new phone - Samsung Galaxy SII!
First step: Save minimum RM700/month

4. Decide future career!choose one!
First step: Research!

5. Get first income from FOREX!
First step: Finish training!!

6. Start new uni life!
First step: Research, portfolio and apply!!

7. Hair rescue intensive training. LONGER !!LONGER!! SMOOTHER !!SMOOTHER!!
First step: Hair mask at least once a week!

gemma ward!!!!!<3 <3 <3 xDDDD

8. Become pretty! lol
First step: Basic facial everyday + dress up everyday with snapshots to keep track!

angelababy!!!<3 <3 xD

9. Continue Japanese study, reach Level 2!
First step: Practice.D=

For now,is like dat la.
not sure some other canot decide yet..

By 25 years old, i must..
1. go to japan
2. able to speak japanese + JLPT test
3. finish master
4. decided and well-prepared for career
5. matured 

On 25 years old, i must...
1. participate WWF rescue team activity

oh well.

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