Friday, 14 October 2011

melon attack!

Remember when i first started architecture, coming to KL alone for study, i told myself,
yes, sheeling. you can live independantly! keep yurself healthy and productive everyday!

and so i say, i will sleep at 10 every night.

and so did i after 3 years, am still maintaining the ultimate healthy lifestyle. The only thing has changed was it was once a p.m. and now its an a.m. what's da difference yo?!xD lol

restless nights.
stressful nights.

however, my bb always came out with some lame ass joke or things to do, somehow..its in his blood~ lol
that's what make him a fun person to hang out with afterall.;)

let's see what he does this time,
around 5a.m. in the morning, while i was rushing assignment,
at the door, i see...


... ... ... ... ... ... ... =w=

behold~ the watermelon-chan<3
inspired from plants vs zombies!lol

so, this is how i live my nights.
o(' w ')o


the next thing i want to talk about is,
i am so tired right now but i could not sleep.
because i am too HIGH! (>~~<)


Made me think about my life again, as usual.
and for an instant, i found LIGHT!

i have decided.
what i want to do with my life.

what kind of life i am looking for.

yes, i am so enthusiastic in what yc told me about creative director.. designing everything, stage, photo, advertising, furniture, building, fashion...literally ANYTHING!
the moment i heard that from him, it really strucked me. 
bothers me for so long! and now i really think this is what i want!

It feels like it really fullfilling my needs for all these while, 
ive been thinking since high school.
what i want to do in life? what is it?
i know its gotta be design.
design design design but what kind of design??
graphic design fashion design..anything to do with design seems so tempting. but none of it fully describe the life i want to be in.

but this, taking all

i like to learn different kind of things!
i dont like repeating doing similar tasks!
i love those kind of challenges!

i love all these freedom!

just by thinking all sorts of things i can do in future, 
it overwhelms me so much that i can feel myself shivering in excitement now. 


but before that, what about architecture?
seriously, i think it doesnt really matter to me anymore. 
i am going to finish off my master.
just get it.
as a backup. as part of a design learning.
it eventually helps in future, neither in experience nor creditability in society.

but yeap, now that ive known what i wanna do, 

there are a few things that i have to prepare.
a list of thing i need to do.

some people have blog for their diet log.

i find it very productive and effective to keep track of the progress with that method.

im thinking of creating new blog. 
a motivation blog.
keeping track of things i need to do to fulfill the goals.
short term, long term.
anything i think its important in my life.
it should not be kept inside anymore, it fades.

things will never change if you does not declare and set a plan for it.
i have already have few regrets in my life, 

it hurts.
i dont want to have anymore regrets n my life.


  1. I guess it's good to have some goals right now haha but to tell the truth, i think creative director is much more difficult than it seems from the surface, of course it would be better if you get to work for companies like Astro or whatever big thing it is, otherwise you'll be working, leaving your youth behind. But then, like i said having a goal is good, go ahead and give it a try then ;') hopefully everything works well~

  2. by the way, I'm facing a dilemma like you right now haha