Monday, 9 May 2011

Street Food Paradigm shift in Jalan TAR gourmet -on-the-go!

The hard work results of my sad sad weekends..*sniff*
Plans are not out yet.sigh..Why am i so slow?-_________-+

The space planning diagram which exhausts the hell out of me...
but i am SATISFIED with the outcome! :D stay tuned! ;)

ps:i tink its time for me to start gathering pieces and fragments of informations on master programme soon... What should i do now... ? The radioactive and tsunami incident really affect my life decision lots..T__T 


  1. Wow! Design Plansss...reminds me of my torturing subjects haha anyway all the best to you!
    I'm not sure why Hokkaido tour packages are cheap now, but perhaps the radiation incident does affect it, more or less ;'( I think it's safe though since Hokkaido is really far from Fukushima and all..I wanted to go there too!
    Anyway, don't worry, there are still chances!
    hmmm where are you planning to do for your master? you're graduating soon right?X)

    PS: Ethusais is a skin care sub brand from Shisheido.
    Friends from Poupee does recommend Shu Uemura Sakura cleanser, but they are too expensive, they said. ;'D

  2. i thought i've replied you here..
    The plans remind me of the torturing subjects that I had previously LOL Anyway all the best.
    I'm not sure why the travel package was so cheap, maybe the radiation incident does affected it a lil, more or less? btw it should be safe to go since it was so far from Fukushima..
    Where are you planning to do your master?;'D

    PS: Ethusais is a sub skin care brand of Shiseido. Friends from poupee does recommend Shu Uemura's sakura cleanser but it was super expensive zzz