Saturday, 9 March 2013


Those who are into Japanese culture are probably aware of this person- Minori, a fashion icon in Harajuku who does shironuri.

I admit that i do not know much about shironuri but I am certainly moved by her thoughts while watching this interview.
I am not sure why, but I lived my life understanding one thing best about our current living humanity about how mean people could be when it comes to diversity of culture. I may not be a hardcore fashionista or anything similar, like music.
But I have always came across people who criticize and insult on someone else / someone else's interest just because that person is only slightly off "mainstream".  I do not see how does the mainstream acquire their status of superiority. For that instance, I dont mean I cant accept critism but in fact most of these "opinions" and "comments" are shallow derivation from a flick of glimpse on the surface without proper understanding on the actual matter.
I would greatly appreciate those who make an effort to understand and provide their opinion, BUT  a CONSTRUCTIVE ones. Even if it doesn't appeal to you after understanding it, it does not give you the right to label it as crap because we are all different, we all have different taste, and that is why all individuals are unique. What u think is divine or ultimately freaking great could also mean crap to someone else's view. So, simple, respect it is.

So, when I was watching this interview, there were parts where she admitted there were times when people spitted insults at her like"kimoi" and stuff. Well, it's pretty predictable..-w- This is the world we living in..
But before that, how many people out of 10 would actually try to look into what she's doing at the back scenes? All those hand made work.. the effort and creativity of hers are not a joke, like seriously..-w- If you can take notice and acknowledge all these things that really matters, you wont be saying all those awful things, because she is really beautiful afterall.

Well, It really warms my heart when you can feel how grateful is she of being able to be herself and how brave she is to be able to indulge her real self into this society. She found herself. She knows what she wants, what she is, where she belongs, and that is what makes her life meaningful. Not many people in this society now knows what is there for them in their life, and there they plainly live their life in shadows.

And yep, no matter how oddball your are, you have done nothing wrong. The society is sick.
Like what she said, don't give up on what you enjoy doing and what you think its right. There may be some hardships but nothing will matters as long as you are true to yourselves. To do something you don't really know what or why you are doing, you are getting nothing but insecurity in return.

All successful people are oddballs.
Let'em spit on you, step on you , lash at you...
 well, you can never be alone in this world with that much of human population on this
Definitely someone out there will be standing by your side, and by not giving up and showing more of what you can do, you will find more people who appreciates.

And one day, when you are successful,
people who spitted on you, stepped on you, lashed at you,
will turn around and give you that fake smile and say "aha!I've always knew you can make it far!" and join your stream which turned mainstream.
Pathetic people and you can smile back and say to them,"Do I know you? ^^"

Oh yeah~~~ :D

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