Sunday, 24 March 2013

forever 21 spree and tamago kake no gohan


FOREVER 21 Grand Opening~
Woke up early seems easy peasy that day!lol
Also means that all the while i couldnt wake up for class or meeting in the morning its just...
I am just being lazy.

FREAKING HUGE 3 floors Forever 21!
I lined up 3 times for the fitting room.
Tried 22 pieces of clothing.
And linger in the store for 3 hours +. lol
Most of the time is because I was standing and walkng around 
because I couldnt make up my mind which clothes to buy because I had budget.

It was a struggle.

And it came to a conclusion with help from Em Cee.
=w= teehee

I am really interested in patterns recently after seeing alot of hirari ikeda and juria.
Still trying.... Wanna give myself a good challenge during my holiday. :)

Got myself Some indie-feel accesories as well. :D

The strawberry top that I didnt get in the end... Maybe I should get it?
Because to find one that the graphic is really cute is quite difficult?
and seems like alot of people like this photo on instagram...WHYYY

I didnt get these as well..
It reminds me of Bou's sexpot revenge top from ex-An-cafe.
Always wanted one..
But was thinking Japan should have alot of this...
Saving it for da trip. 'w'

So, thats it.


Today, Ive finally took on my poverty,
and challenged myself on a Tamago Kake no Gohan in the flow.
Raw egg over Rice. :D

Struggled at first because worried that I might get food poisoning from
it's actually REALLY GOOD! XD

Taste good and awesome choice for poor people like me! HAHHAAH

will do it again. Xd

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