Wednesday, 17 October 2012

j-drama fever

Has been watching lotsa j-drama

the latest two was 君はペット と メイちゃんの執事。

kimi wa petto is abit ridiculous to me. -w- but it reminds me of ruffy alot... T______T
miss her so much...
lol at photo. momo's act of submissive...

Kinda love mei-chan no shitsuji. Found out i tend to like school genre drama alot...
-_______- (Cant grow up?)
The more i look at hiro, the more i think he's cute.lollllllllll

hiro samaaaa!!xD

die cupid! xD

Next will be watching atashinichi no danshi. :D

Somehow, this is the ideal look i would always like to be... :D
but im not. -w-
someone reli nid to teach me how to style my hair like that! :<

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