Saturday, 28 January 2012

CNY 2012 Day 3

this is a "patch-back" post on my third day of CNY, basically almost lik my last day in Penang..=<

The day was about shopping and food.
Went to shopping with ruder. and fanatically bought a few things..
Intended to buy some stockings but i ended up with a lacey pants, a studded bracelets and some cute hair clips....

erm.. you can see i have 1 green rabbit, and three frogs there..

in fact..
i almost bought a whole set.

they are soo cuteee together...

<3 <3

Previously, i actually bought two dresses..cause it was cheap?lol
as you can see.. im trying something more mature... first step.. first step...
but i cant wear this

Most importantly is the night family dinner with my fifth aunt's family!:)
We went to Tsunami Village!
oh yeah oh yeah, the bbq crab plc..teeeehehhee

I actually booked a table of 10 pax even before Chinese New Year eve, specifically requested to have it ON THE BEACH, OUTSIDE.

but when i gotthere, I cant find my table at all..
and they were so buzy to even layan me. 
After very long only we found out the table is inside..
I was quite unhappy actually. because i feel the diner experience would be much better on the beach like what i had with my friends previously..=3=

We left the house with 9 people on an estima~

My sis  brought her wine.

this is me during the fat face so big.=w=

The parents ordering food.

My elder sis, Chee ran to the beach with my cousins. That is connie on the right..
i love my sis's skirt...<3 *fly fly*


professional hair fashion shot by me!!lol! 
but the hair so dry...not my fault...=P

see, im on beach.

Personally, i love this shot alot. Very natural..=)
and it was taken by me. :D
professionally. :P

guess whose shadows are those

connie with very sweet smile, as usual..*jealous*

back for the food,

I have no idea since when, ruder has become so pretty.hate you!DX lol

me and ruder..maybe i shouldnt put this picture...seems like ill get compared...TT

Elder sis & Cheryl! 

ruder and her new hair pins.

Food's here!!

Feasting Time! <3
but my heart is still waiting for my crab~~

but the fish came first.

The crab came and we rushed to eat'em, so didnt get any photo..haha

you may see the leftovers, though.hehe

go away!!><


the dinner ends with the he ko that everyone insisted to order.

after the dinner, without any plan, we spontaneously came to 
Chew Jetty.

we did our own photoshoot
it was nighttime. and the lighting was really bad..
the color edditing so troublesome..but this is all i can do.

hehe, my face was ugly.
next are pairs.

and grouped photo

with eddy the lovely dog we met there. <3

Our parents first proper photo together!:D 

wish you were here, Cindy


  1. very well written! shee ling you look good with ur chubbier face..don't worry..>.>


  2. thanks!
    maybe chubbier face is a good point. i dont have moon face anymore..hahaha
    but tummy and arms are getting fat still have to do some