Saturday, 1 October 2011

Graffitti Photoshoot

First thing first, Happy birthday to lovely Melody~<3
Havnt been able to stay till the end of the party, i am sinful.='(
Looking forward to a bunch of awesome photos of the awesome night.=)

Today has been really buzy, i think (?) Went for a second try of photoshooting with Khairi, Chui nee & Timothy somewhere around Time Square. 

Chui nee coming to my apartment early in the morning to discuss what to wear...

The setting is some graffiti zone. Graffiti-ers are amazingly talented! I wonder what they do in their life seriously, they can earn a living from that! What a waste. =<

We had themes & role for each of us, but it turned out very

Khairi, as usual the photographer from erk!photography.Khairi is on the move---!

Chui Nee, the streetwear girl which turned out a brit pop!
She is my MASTERPIECE for today! What do you think about the mix-n-match styling i did for her? teehee!! i love it so much!! im a genius! she's so cute today!!!xD lol!!

Timothy, the korean prep! but we dont reli see that..we were expecting more like GD-style when he mentioned it to us earlier. lol but he's somehow a creative director for chui nee today. haha i wont be surprised if you say u pose in front of the mirror everyday before you come to class..=D He say i got no emotion, but i feel i already put in all my emotions...sigh..

(oops, sorry, no picture.=w=;)

and me, the japanese rock which turned out into a something? i duno?loli tot the red jacket was awesome on me, but i think im actually blind.deng.. nevermind! chuinee shall represent my stylle!weee!

So, stay tuned for our portfolio~ hope its good! Im so noob-----!Dx

Before i go to sleep, gambatte studio!!!!

Some snapshots after the tiring photoshoot session!

Me, sorry i look kinda weird here.but no choice, im born like tat.=w=

Check out my second try of fake lashes!!woo! looks better than last time right??  but still can see the second separate layer of my real lash..hahahaha xD


ooh yeah~the girl!>w')v

so, Good night!


erk! Studio Photography

to support!=)
have a look!

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