Thursday, 5 May 2011

First blood.

Moving from windows live spaces to fc2 blog.. I have been trying several platforms for blogging ever since 8 years ago or even more (?) ameblog, yapblog, multiply, livejournal.. i do have another web store on blogspot..Have no idea whats the reason behind all these random sign ups.

Architecture has taken up my life since 2 years ago. No more blogging, no more band page stalking, no more 1 hour dressup session before going out, no more weekly sport games, no more harvest moon, no more sit n' stare, no more mangas and i am so tired that i even hardly make an effort to keep my social network active - no more life.
Tried to reactivate my blogging life for several times but it FAILED MISERABLY.

So, i am currently starting a brand new blogging platform, hoping it gives me the motivation. 
My heart trembled when i was looking back into my old posts back in 2007, post by post, how meaningful my life was back then. It may be full of nonsense and rubbish, but the idea of writing down everything that angers me, pleases me, saddens me, dissappoints me, curious me, interests me and even bores me reminds me of how optimist I have been about my life even though i Sulked alot, like, ALOT. :D I think i appreciates life better when i blog, small little things could make me happy throughout the day.Who actually knows I love blogging that much that i used to sit in front of the pc to design the layout for my blog?! i dont think anyone around me currently knows. How pathetic is that. No one knows me now. Where have I been?

Anyway, There are a few things that im trying to experiment on myself. I shall not say what, but please support me, dear air. I know im talking to no one currently, but yea, i love you air.=)

PS. My stomach aches so hard that i gonna kill maself.

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  1. Welcome back to life ;')
    I guess everyone just miss their old young days sigh