Saturday, 14 May 2011



从昨晚就突然间消极到极点。。。难道connie给我听的hungarian suicide music真的会杀人么??


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  1. you've blogged quite a lot these few days haha i'm sure your friends will be happy seeing this post ;'D sometimes, they're the motivation for us yea?

    The game was kindda cute and nice, it's weird if the game is taken seriously haha

    I wanna go Tokyo Tower T_T i'm sure it will be 90% done by next year LOL

    Anyway, i think it's better to get recommended as an architect while trying to start your career in Japan, fmo, I won't take a 3months course in Japan, 3months is short and when you are doing your master, you would probably forget everything you learn in that 3 months right? But this is for my case la, maybe you can make use of the 3 months course and work out of it, nothing is impossible as we always say ;')

    If you are doing master in UK next year,I can visit you haha my sis is there!X)

    Hmm my plan?just pray to get a steady job that can afford my traveling expenses haha then only decide after that, but would want to try getting a full english and japanese language cert ;'D

    You can find Ethusais counter in Isetan, the gardens or lot10. My friend tried the brand and she said it was good~
    I wanted to get a trial pack tho.